Acevo Ucha Utzeri Navarro Consulting Lawyers

We are a firm with more than 20 years of experience in the field of legal practice. Since our foundation, we have always stood out for building close relationships with our clients -based on values such as ethics, loyalty, competence and compromise - that have given us the guidelines to resolve the legal needs of our clients.

Understanding the globalization of legal services our firm is putting together offices in three locations placed in Mexico City, Italy and the Texas, all of them work together in order to establish global strategies that allow the expansion of our clients and their organizations.

The most important characteristics of our firm is the high-level of loyalty that we acquire with each of our clients. Through permanent training of our partners and associates, we are up to the task entrusted to us, generating -on multiple occasions- the implementation of strategies that increase the productivity of their businesses or companies.

We can affirm that in AUUN it is not only closely committed to its clients but also to each and every one of their projects worldwide that involve well-being for society and the unrestricted protection of human rights.

Our Associate

Dante Acevo Anonales

Doctorate in Education from Intercontinental University, Master in Corporate and Business Law from Colegio Superior de Ciencias Jurídicas and Law Major degree from Anahuac del Sur University. Founding partner of AUUN and CEO of Acevo y Navarro Consultores S.C., he focuses his professional experience in the areas of Criminal Law, Commercial Law and Corporate Law.

His practice includes advising public and private companies regarding mergers and acquisitions operations, as well as in government matters, co-investments and strategic alliances, as well as private capital equity funds in their formation and commercial operations.

Assertive and sensitive to the needs of people, he has dedicated an extensive part of his professional career to training jurists of excellence through the professorship and professional training of law; He currently holds the position of Administrative Director of COLDERCOM S.C. and is an active member of the academic faculty of the Intercontinental University and Colegio de Derecho y Comunicación

Héctor Ucha Gómez

Founding partner of AUUN and CEO of the firm in Texas. His practice is focused on Commercial Law Corporate Law and Constitutional litigation specialist among others, putting his more than 25 years of experience at the service of national and international companies from the public and private sector advising them regarding acquisitions operations, public works, and lately real estate developments.

PhD in Law degree, LL. M. in Corporate Law by the “Universidad Tecnológica de México” and LL. M. in Legal American Studies by the School of Lawof St. Mary 's University.

Héctor has been responsible for the legal instruction of more than 10 generations of lawyers in Mexico at both undergraduate and graduate levels. He has several publications in specialized media; is a columnist and representative of COLDERCOM in the United States of America.

He is a board member of several business councils acting as an advisor and legal representative, successfully defining legal strategies for the proper interpretation of different regulations applicable to associations, protecting the interests of companies under the highest standards of ethics and quality.

Ulisse Utzeri

Founding partner and Managing Director of AUUN in Italy. His broad vision and experience leads him to focus his professional practice on advising and resolving issues related to International Law, Children's Rights, Migration Law and Citizenship, prioritizing the safeguarding of human rights and the protection of people within the most vulnerable segments.

Law degree from the Intercontinental University. Professional translator and interpreter specialized in legal terminology from Italian to Spanish - Spanish to Italian language.

Ulisse, tireless and fearless supporter of culture dissemination, serves as Director of the Dante Alighieri Society, an institution with presence in the 5 continents, with the aim of spreading, educating and bringing Italian history and culture closer to people.

He is an active member of the academic faculty of the Intercontinental University in Mexico City as a professor of International Law. He is a member of the Mexican Law Bar and an active international consultant at COLDERCOM S.C. contributing with his experience of the European Community to the renewal and continuous updating of the partners and associates of this institution.

Nayeli Navarro

PhD in Civil Law, Master in Civil Procedural Law and Specialist in Oral Trials by Centro de Estudios Superiores y Ciencias Jurídicas y Criminológicas; Master in Corporate and Business Law by Colegio Superior de Ciencias Jurídicas and graduate with diploma in Real Estate Law by Escuela Libre de Derecho.

Nayeli is a founding partner of AUUN and focuses her solid corporate practice in the attention of consultations in business matters, advising national and international organizations on a wide variety of issues related to corporate operations and litigation.

During more than 8 years she has been the Legal Director of Grupo Kessel, a conglomerate with National presence in Mexico, dictating the legal strategy of the more than 10 companies that belong to them.

Responsible as a professor for the training of several generations of future lawyers in Mexico instructed under the highest standards of knowledge and commitment to human rights.